Drinking under winter sky

Now the winter comes. My lips grow cold and my bones wane old. To the bottle from my jacket’s fold!

I see you there, by fire and hearth. I see your ruby lips and I see the creak in the sway of your hips.

Lost to all but memory is our wasted youth, in the few songs that play back from our happy days, yet still I see you and love you the same.

Do you still remember me as I was? Never dashing but dark. Never close but well did I hark. 

I wonder still at the blows the world deigned give us. Those I could I took for your part but never heard you speak your own secret heart.

Linger yet my dear! Let us speak while we may. The frost claims us, one by one and day by day.

Pretend a while I am still as I see you. Firm and fine and young. For a little that there be no heavy, bitter days round our necks strung.

The glow upon your cheeks be no virgins blush but wine, the marks about your eyes be not a smile but the crow of time.

Yet for all this would I beg you be mine. Would pledge my heart for yours to see your eyes smile true and shine.

I see you laugh and giggle and sway, I have no fear, you’ll remember this not on the morrow’s day. I speak my heart then and grin my shame.

Lady, who never I had courage to name, now and forever I love you just the same.

Age cannot dull what the heart hath writ. Time cannot touch the light of perfect memory.

Let us sit awhile here by the embers as we grow cold, mayhap cold and wine will make my heart yet more bold.

One memory more to make and then off to home. You’ll forget too soon my dear but ever on, this place is where my heart remains.


Published by

Jacko Steenekamp

To sum myself up is simple. I'm weird.

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