The devil has red hair.

Once I knew a smiling redhead who loved to play in the worlds affairs.  

Every married friend of hers wondered if her children should have been one of theirs.

Give her a careful watch and you’d catch her sneaking up the stairs.

Once I knew a funny Redhead who liked a good strong drink.

Every barkeep knew her and kept a careful score.

One and three and wish ye peace have a careful see she has no more.

Once I knew a pretty redhead who loved to dance and sing.

Shed twirl and turn and watch men groan and yearn.

Give her a guitar and she’d make your heart break along the occasional string.

Once I knew a clever redhead who knew all the secrets in town and more.

Put wrong a single foot and she’d know in the minute or even yet before.

Ask her to tell it all and you’d hear enough heaped upon your account to make an anvil smart and sore.

Once I almost caught a grinning redhead, but I learned and will never try no more. 

Too wild and free by far for me to ever be a match or march around the wedding tree.

I remember well that bloody redhead and still watch for her today. 

If a man is wise and sees her coming he’ll run the other way.

Still I miss that damn redhead for now my days are dull and full of bore.

Despite it all I’d pay an arm to see that devil redhead, standing drunk again before my door.


Published by

Jacko Steenekamp

To sum myself up is simple. I'm weird.

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