A whole and broken mind.

Welcome to my place, welcome to my home.

This is where the demons live and this is where the monsters roam.

See the sad old cracks along the wall? Don’t look in them or you’ll head right for a fall. 

There’s a blighted stair around the place, that leads to sanity but I’m afraid I can’t be bothered and it’s gone without a trace.

I live here in the halls and upon hearth. I won’t go in the rooms. I’ve seen what’s in them and tis no cause for mirth.

Can you hear the bellowing and the singing cry? Careful dear, theyre made by things that I should have silenced and that should have died. 

Here in my place, in my chaotic mind, be careful, oh so careful of what you find. There are things to soothe and kiss but also to hurt and bind.

Find me dear, if you can. Find me dear, if you may. Bring to me the loving light of day. I’m hidden here amidst it all. Careful there, the ceiling is low, you’ll need to crawl.

And what’s to find may you ask? What’s worth all this insanity and dust?

Why my dear, don’t you know? I’m your own self too, the part you wish to grow, to seek and trust. I am the core, the steel that cannot rust.

If you may find me beneath the insane tide, together o’er the twisting waves we’ll ride. Madness freed be evil, true. But madness harnessed will break the chains and free both me and you.


Published by

Jacko Steenekamp

To sum myself up is simple. I'm weird.

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