A man of state.

I saw today a man state. He had a wonderful grunting laugh and a big white smile. He spoke of how he’d save us all and take us up to heaven, mile by mile by mile. All we had to do, said he, was draw an X for him and wait a while.

We drew and waited and drew breath while we waited. And yet somehow none of his promises were sated. Anon some said we’d been fooled and baited.

No no said the man of state from upon his golden chair. It was all coming, we were too hasty, we merely had to wait, and while we did, could he please for his high house have a new gate?

Again we waited and breathed and waited. We even gave the stately man a silver cane when we saw it was hard to move with such a belly! Anon our hope began to fade and wane. Many called this man our bane.

Smiled the stately man again from his high house upon the high hill, and said, no no no you doubt in vain. You’ve given me no time! Draw your X again and I’ll show you how it’s done this time!

Fools were we and drew for him again. Now see here said he, I’ve a fear of fire and cannot think of you while I worry it will come for me.

We built for him next to his high house upon the high hill an ocean of his own, any fire there was to kill and waited for him his promises to fulfill.

Houses for the homeless, food for the hungry! He smiled and nodded dumbly. Peace and brotherhood! Support and help for those poor ones bereft of motherhood!

Years they pass and seasons go. The homless live upon the street, they feed upon that left by the rest. Months more go by, brother turns on brother for lack succour from another. Many mothers have a litter and wait and wait while times grow more bitter.

The stately man now says no more. He waves and smiles and locks his castle door. 

There’s none to blame but we the ones who drew. 

But dear Lady goddess and all the other gods and more, why oh why did we draw a picture so poor?


Published by

Jacko Steenekamp

To sum myself up is simple. I'm weird.

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