A silver sword.

I took my love and made of it a sword.

Bright and sharp and silver and new. A blade to win through the shadows and bring my heart you.

It shines with a soft kissing light. Ready to stand as your champion in any fight.

I took my faith and made of it a shield. 

Upon it I wrote the words that said I’d never ever yield.Tis round and strong and right, to stand guard over you in the darkest night.

I took my words and made of them a song.

I gave them voice and hoped your ears they’d find, to waken your regard and maybe bring me to your mind.

I took my skin and made of it a canvas.

I painted your portrait upon it and your name I struck beneath in scars. Lady I shall love you beyond the death of nations and stars.

I took my time and made of it a haven.

Only yours and mine and none other’s to see. Where we might come when we were bound and thus be set free.

I took my bones and made of them your servants.

None better shall you have lady, none more faithful or of your whim and flighty sacrament observant.

I took my crown, that thing cast of gold, and sold it lady for firewood and coal.

Tis for for your fire dear, that your loving heart never may grow cold.

I took my love my dear and made it all for you.

How sad that I be no more than friend to you.


Published by

Jacko Steenekamp

To sum myself up is simple. I'm weird.

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