I lay in bed. My curtains drawn, a wooly fog inside my head.

Yet I cannot go. Not to rest and not just yet. My mind insists that if I do I’ll miss the best.

What fairies dance once my eyes are closed?

What if someone gets turned into a toad?

I toss and turn. I’m comfortable sure, but what if that’s just an insidious evil lure?

I had my milk, the sheep are sheared and counted but what if I missed one and the tale of my incompetence gets recounted?

The bed is too soft. The floor is too hard… Did I remember to send my mother her mother’s day card?

My cat is cuddled up inside my arms. He’s too quiet! Call the vet! Sound the alarms!

I don’t know where to turn. The wood store is all but burned. The wicks are all done and soon a new day will be begun.

I cannot sleep. What if there’s something I miss? I would certainly cry and weep.

I know not how to what to do. Is there a goddess of insomnia?  If so I pray for mercy from you!

Calm my troubled mind. Ease my fears, lady, let me rest, please be kind.

For a blissful hour or two, I swear, I tell thee true, lady I’d build a grand new temple just for you.

At last I drift, at least a little. 

Just my luck, the clock rings it’s morning tone and works my wroth into a foaming spittle! 

Graceless day, leave me be! I haven’t had a wink! Begone with you and yours and thee!


Published by

Jacko Steenekamp

To sum myself up is simple. I'm weird.

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