Out of place in a bar.

Here now lady, see here and hear!

I sat upon this stool to enjoy my drink and maybe an extra beer. How should I do that with you hanging about so near?

Your raven hair, your skin so white! Magnets to draw my eyes alright.

You boots fit well, your top more so. If you’re grinning at me like that don’t blame me for staring at your shapely torso.

Your eyes are blue and they see all. Just don’t watch when I tumble off this chair and all!

The place is full but you’re all I see. Did you cast a spell or are you just that damned pretty?

Yes I know, among the men I am no prize, no huge muscles and rather shy, big surprise. But why do I always feel your burning eyes?

You’re watching me, as I watch you. What the hell am I supposed to do? Tell me once and tell me true.

I cannot flirt, trust me my lines are so bad they hurt. My normal speech is polite but curt.

I cannot dance but I love watching you sway and prance, this music is my favourite by happy chance.

Another drink? How many so far? Who can tell? But I know I’m glad I chose tonight tonight to visit this bar at the hotel.

You’re standing close, my eyes they water, I haven’t a chance for who are you but your famous father’s daughter.

He’s the reigning champion with fist and bottle, if I say something stupid, my scrawny neck he’ll throttle.

Why are you so close to me? Don’t you know you make my heart want burns out and fly free?

I am a quiet man, given oft to thought and fantasy. Could you possibly have ever heard of me?

Here’s a drink, it’s on my tab. I’m drunk anyway, soon I’ll be sleeping like a granite slab.

But if maybe, just in case I’ve found the rainbow’s end and discovered golden thunder, here please take my name (wow you already knew it!) and my cell-phone number!


Published by

Jacko Steenekamp

To sum myself up is simple. I'm weird.

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