A hopeless fight I mean to win.

Why fight a battle I know I cannot win? 

For I am a man of the elder ways and I finish what I begin.

Why stand bloodied and beaten before my many peers?

For I bring a message of will unto their eyes and ears.

Why search for love in a world without the touch of trust and keeping faith?

Because without such I’d be lost to hope and naught but a drifting wraith.

Why scribe my words in a place where thousands better write?

For this is my talent, Imbass goddess given to use with all my will and might.

Why go on at all I hear the question often asked.

Because we fight to make a world, a place where none need go masked.

Why defend the weak at cost to my own?

For someday the weak will defend me, remembering, blessed and strong having grown.

Why give honour to stone and earth and tree? When others laugh and mock with glee.

I stand proud, a pagan man. I bow to none and I tell you true.

I am free. 


Published by

Jacko Steenekamp

To sum myself up is simple. I'm weird.

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