Trapped in amber 

My life has stopped. Nothing moves these days. I look about and see others come and go through the golden haze.

I once was part of it all, coming and going, at the bleeding edge of it all. When did it happen? When was my silent fall?

I watch with values from another time. I complain with the elders about money and time and crime and the winters cold frosty rime.

When did my limbs grow leaden? Too heavy to chase a skirt or seek the secrets of heaven. When did my mind go slow, my quick tongue lost its edge and deadened.

I am trapped in amber, it’s golden sap turned age old brittle. I would fain move, even but a little. Stir my heart to song, touch my skin with fire. Let me live once more with love and pain and ire.

I gaze and see and ponder. I would know again my youth of hope and wonder. Grant me but a night oh goddess in thy fond embrace. Let me love you as is the unknowable want of my silly wayward race.

Awaken me from my golden cell. Alight to me where I in dead flown prison dwell. Touch but thy hand upon brow. Waken once more my passion to drink and dance and row. 

Pray hear me lady, and set me free.


Published by

Jacko Steenekamp

To sum myself up is simple. I'm weird.

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