hic omnes tibi est.

All of this is for you.

All of this is yours. 

From the dawning light to distant shores. Deeply have you dared my love awaken, freely offered and freely taken. 

All this world I’ll give to you. From cloud and sky to bladed grass and dew unto snowbound mountain spire.

All within my reach is yours. Upon our meeting my broken sword I laid at your feet. My troth I wrote for you upon a virgin vellum sheet.

All the roses of the world be yours and all the fragrant blossoms too, though they pale beside your beauty and your perfect flaws.

Guardian I will stand while you peaceful sleep, I’ll bring low aught that dares make you weep.

Lift you from the darkling fires and the burning chains that bind. Though the doing be my end and break my mind.

My home is yours to keep, for I never saw it’s emptiness until I knew it’s lack of you.

By my hearth shall you never hunger. I shall provide, your stalwart hunter. Sheltered safe from frost and thunder, embraced within the circle of my arms.

By wit and strength and word from you I’ll ward away all the world’s many harms.


Published by

Jacko Steenekamp

To sum myself up is simple. I'm weird.

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