I wait for you at Avalon.

The mist and tide of Avalon.  Lost road between the fey and here. There will you find me, waiting still for you my dear.

The olden ways they beckon me, the goddess ruling all an the lord of oak holding sway through summer spring and fall.

Lighted is the forest path for me by her divine grace. I see her in you, in your fair and loving face. I see her in your form, all the wanton lust and noise of a brewing thunder storm.

I long for you lady so, by the stream and standing stone. I keep forevermore my faith with you though frail and old my bones are grown.

Come the time and rule of thorn, I stand still by the stone my dear, never shall I be foresworn. I await you patiently, your coming shall be a blessed morn.

I hear your feet upon the path, to bring the joy of Imbass to my heart and soul at last.

Blessed be my lady dear, merry met and blessed be. Long and through the hardest times hath I awaited you yet you kept your faith with me.

Merry met lady mine and blessed be.


Published by

Jacko Steenekamp

To sum myself up is simple. I'm weird.

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