Requiem upon the years last day.

I miss you today. At the closing of this uncertain year, I wish I had you yet by me here, to quell my mistrust and my growing fears.

Father of my mother with your hair and eyes of steel and black and grey.

My teacher in all things, of wisdom and knowledge sovereign king. Would that I could but one more time my many questions to you in your quiet study bring.

Though your path was far different unto mine, would I could once more sit within the dark night with you, eating cakes and as we spoke sipping of a fine red wine.

Wither walks your spirit now wise grandsire mine? Could I call you to my side by vaunted druid’s art? Would we speak again of the moving earth and lightning’s ark?

Ever did you love your fellow man, kindly in your ways yet blind to their malice hidden behind gilded promise and fluted fan.

Struck by malaise that stole your reading and your skill to write, yet your mind above all others remained shining strong and bright. Never did you claim it, yet I’d swear you had the elder sight.

Unto me you gave the greatest gift, that still to my heart is most dear, the love of knowledge and of wisdom’s silken drift. 

Long you worked and set unto your toil, yet at the last even all my prayers and all your strength could not deaths grasp foil.

Rest easy my teacher, grandfather upon your black leathern chair. In life you taught me well, now in spirit your oft remembered words my soul keep fair.


Published by

Jacko Steenekamp

To sum myself up is simple. I'm weird.

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