The wheel of the world

Summer follows winter follows autumn and the spring. The wheel it turns and change is the only promise that it brings.

Time and time and time and time again, seed rises unto flower only bent to die again. Earthen beds they hold the wheel, to feel it’s turn and bid new life to rise again.

Ever does a bird take wing upon a breath of air that’s not been breathed before, first foul now clear? The air keeps to the wheel and whistles thundre’s score.

Within the deepest waters unseen that shall swallow one day, life yet swims, ever as the wheel, the end is where it begins.

Even fire with its burning pain and blight waken life from the ashes to set the wheel aright.

Wheel of seasons, wheel of worlds, ever onward fate and mischanced fortune twirls. 

Raise a voice,  a glass on high, toast the wheel of life afore we die.

Ever does it turn, what may be shall come to you upon its time. All things unto all life.

 Keep hope even as ye burn.


Published by

Jacko Steenekamp

To sum myself up is simple. I'm weird.

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