Ritus et anima pagani.

I have no writ to bind my ways, no commandments to bind my days.

By clear conscience do I bide and blind unto the coming and going of the fickle human tide.

Do naught to harm and much to heal, this is the only and highest truth and strongest seal.

I need not the threat of a fiery pit to be fair unto all with whom I deal. This is the path I choose, of my own will, and that makes it bright and real.

I fear not the raven’s shadow, for my heart is light and free. In all things there is balance by light of three. Shadow, grey and light, ware how you deal unto me, lest my gods deal unto thee.

I need not sorrow for what is lost for my lady shall repair the cost. I fear no fire theft or winter frost nor need I repent at Arthur’s feast of pentecost. 

Whole and sufficient unto the day be the evil thereof as misfortune falls and heavy burdens downward shove. For gentle dreams await along with the lady’s strength and love.


Published by

Jacko Steenekamp

To sum myself up is simple. I'm weird.

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