Something to tell.

Got a secret? Oh please do tell.

See? My ears are pricked and my eyes bright, I listen avidly and well.

I’ll ne’er speak speak it, tis safe within the confines of my heart. Ever in those closeted vaults it shall dwell, though time may end or rapture start.

Is it naughty? Is it dark? Or maybe just a silly lark? Whatever way I crave to know what words live there in the dark. Grant me this, light a fire from my curiosity sparked.

I admit! I confess! In the trappings of shadow and intrigue I long to dress! Bemoan my fate for tis mine to know the hand, behind the hand, behind the rose that rules the throne. I may never speak it, no matter how I worry at that duty bound in bone.

Keep it quiet, tell it not, I hate that ever those strictures were upon my conscience begot.

I could tell you aught to fill your heart with joy and dread, to send you hiding neath your bed, why the very shock might strike you dead!

But nay, my promise given is a promise kept. I hold my tongue, I keep my peace.


Published by

Jacko Steenekamp

To sum myself up is simple. I'm weird.

3 thoughts on “Something to tell.”

      1. I found you in my recommendations. Apparently WP knows me better than I knew. 🙂

        Kinda creepy they know me so well, now that I think of it, heh. 😳

        Have a lovely day.


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