Traitor! Fiend! Bastardborn with your whispering devils on your neck! You weakling thing you horrid speck! Is there a heart within you, no spine holding up your neck? No more. Here I shall your doings check.

You came and stole a heart that was not yours. You shaped a life in vain. In service you bound me, haunted by the love that hounds me.

No face but yours have I in my slumbers seen, not so for you I deem. Now let truth be known, no forgiveness this time. Your wretched heart by all and sundry shall be seen. Pray now fool. Pay for your crime.

You broke me, over and over, with a word and a whisper, quiet betrayals and torrid dalliance left my name a laughingstock. Yet I, I remained, steadfast as the world and stone and rock. 

I believed you could change but I see your true face now. Seven times and seven have I forgiven, now I take my own back, of the past I am shriven. I cast you out. From hearth and home be forbidden. From your damnable charms my heart is finally hidden. I pray in turn, as mine, your heart shall be riven.

No more, no more. My tears exceed your poorly worth. I deny your plea so keep them at their berth. Be gone from my sight and may your devils whisper in my ears no more. I return to the freedom of light and love and open earth and shore. 

Still here?  

Get out! 

There’s the door.


Published by

Jacko Steenekamp

To sum myself up is simple. I'm weird.

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