Oh the road.

Oh the road it calls me! It whispers in my ears to leave it all and just go and be. How wondrous fair must it be to live so free?

Leave the cage of managed time. Find a love and cease your feigned interest in work and modern world to mime.

Pack lightly, walk upon the road or at its side. Patient in the forest bide for the land it shall provide.

Come unto the beach dance among the shells, hide a while among the tides, forget a time your fear of condemnation and the burning hells.

Camp upon the mountaintop, and feel the pull of the fool’s wafting drop. Feel the primal thrill and let your heart grow wings to leap or cringe in fear to stop. 

In the endless rolling fields lay thee down down in a stand of heather and see what visions the day yields freed of endless dragging tether. 

By the river pause and catch a fish, mayhap it’ll be magic and grant you your fondest wish!

Oh the road it calls and I yearn so to go. To travel hither, yon, to and fro!

But the chains of duty bind and in time I think that I shall find, twas but another Road to travel, this of toil by hand and heart and mind.

I shall stop my ears and keep my way. Without regret at the end down to rest my head shall lay.


Published by

Jacko Steenekamp

To sum myself up is simple. I'm weird.

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