An important message and a broken record.

I probably harp on about this too much but after reading the news today felt this was important enough to post both here and on my opinion blog. Please read and react to this. Keeping quiet will lead to disaster.

This is about double standards. I have recently noticed in the news that there are serious double standards when it comes to what is considered racism and hate speech.

One Capetown resident is facing prosecution over calling out a mosque over the noise it generates on a daily basis. Understandable when a Christian is forcibly exposed to the rituals of another faith, though very poorly executed and rudely stated.

Another has already been fined huge amounts for saying that beechgoers acted like monkeys over the December holidays. Whether racially motivated or not, it was an accurate description given the state of the beaches as pictured on their Facebook page (since removed). It should also be noted that not all beachgoers were black.

However, at the same time an “artist” is being allowed to display plainly racist “art” which consists of wrapping things and obese people in black and white tape with the slogan FUCK WHITE PEOPLE written repeatedly all over it. 

Despite numerous protests from members of both white and black communities the display has been continued and lauded as some “wonderful form of raising awareness”. I say to you plainly, this is bullshit.

If I am not allowed to insult you based on your race religion or creed then you may not do the same to me. Nor is it in any way acceptable to insult a race in general.  Had that message been reversed to say “FUCK BLACK PEOPLE” I can personally guarantee that the so-called artist would never stand trail, because they’d be lynched long before the got to a court.

I ask all true artists, please, do not use cheap methods such as politically sensitive subjects just to gain a few moments of fame. You have no idea of the harm it causes to an already fragile country nor of the animosity it stirs up between races that are struggling to reconcile themselves with eachother. 

Controversy is not art.


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