In shadows found and well for you we never meet, long this road hath trod my weary feet.
Watchers wary in the dark hear my song and well do hark, i have no time for rest and wine for ever into shadow the road does twine.
O’er hill and dell, past purest well and unto grave mound fell. Fearless sure but heartless too. Tis my fate, i shall not rue.
Whither hence i cannot say, i shall not know nor rest until my final day, when i shall lay my weary head down by the dusty way.
To seek the sleep of ages past a new crumbling road to find and walk at last, again and again and ever onward into yawning dark.


Rain song

Come rain, come storm upon the morrow be thee born.

Rise thee now from dusty earth
Fill our hearts with hope and mirth.

The parched land lies cracked and dry
Come oh come i pray now as i lie

Looking on from from hill to the great vaulted sky

Roar now and let thunder cry
Lightning ride and split the the sky.

No nectar be as sweet nor ale so fine
As this lovely wildling storm of mine.

Herne’s song

In broken light neath stars embrace,
Amid grass and stone see the old god’s face,
In hoary trunk of twisted tree, there is the one who is three.
Old in hand and heart and bone, voiceless whispers his final tone.

Once the green man of spring was he, singing, laughing running free.
Bud and blossom and then to fruit, at summers height and solstice night.
Oaken king he took the crown and brought the gift of Awen down.
Then winters king he took his turn, lean high hunter, mighty Herne.

Though his children call to him no more, still he sleeps in glade and forest floor.
An’ lo on night when moon shines bright, the horn it sounds and all hide from his sight
Forth the hunt to ride the sky, never fear only join or die.
Cauldron calls yet in olden hall, calling us come, ere the land at last must fall.