Let me.

Lay the yoke across my shoulders dear. Long have you carried the weight alone. Yet your tired eyes be clear. Strong you are in hand and heart and bone.

Let me carry it for the final mile, stop and rest a while. Be free to find your love and smile.

Lay your problems at my door dear love. I shall ward you from them as a guardian from above. No matter what hardship at your walls and doors may shove.

Let me be your shield. Even before all the world’s wrath I shall not yield.

Bring to me all your scars dear heart. In sharing, healing of those cruel cuts might start. Though they be as deep as the sky upon a night black and dark.

Let me be your healer and confessor, no harm to you shall I abide, neither the greater nor the lesser.

Lady love, blessed dear, spirit free, I need no reason

Simply let me.


Non erat mihi. 

It was not me. 

The sin was not mine. Mine were not the hands that tied the ropes that bind us apart. Not my tongue that spoke the words that broke the lover’s heart.

Save your benedictions. Save your anemic excuses. Between us two there be only truth and fleeting truces.

Do not ignite a flame in me who his hand hath stayed. For honour’s sake I kept silent while the howling warhound bitches bayed. But seek to drag me down and I shall pay you true. With coin in kind to your shame and rue.

Mistake thee not my silent stare for lack of rage. I remember all, written in blood upon my heart’s secret page. I feel no shame. I have not no boundaries crossed. Twas thee the first first blow struck. False innocence upon thy hidebound shield embossed.

Loki’s tongue lives well within thy head. I shall have truth known though the telling leave me spent and dead. I fear you not. Your spite is wasted. I stand proud for all to see. Ware you now lest I your betrayal requite and cow you with my discounted and forgotten might.

Ware thee well my erstwhile dear. I hear all. I watch thee close. My eyes are clear.

What have you done?

Darling what have you done?

I stand agape. My glib tongue is stunned.

How could you be so cruel? Is it malice or are you merely a fool? I know not but despite myself I do care, can you not see the road to perdition right at your feet there?

I loved you once, I fought your fearsome demons with all my passion and might and though twas not enough I bore you no spite. Friends we remained and I forgave your transgressions but surely you must have learned one or two lessons?

I gave you up unto a good man.

Well did he love you with all that he might give from his chest and heart like a great barrel drum. In doing so my friend and brother he did become.

But faithless and loveless are you my witless dear.

With guile and spite and badly hidden secrets did you conspire to hang the cuckold horns upon another, this time not myself but my erstwhile brother.

Your pale skin and bluest eyes did you flaunt and give away but now my dear, where are you today?

Trapped and bruised and filthy squalor by your own many misdeeds, your mind dulled by drink and sex and weeds.

Were you every day we spoke happily so? A whore for all to hire? What wrought within you this damning disdain and ire? Surely a true and faithful love, there can be no aspiration higher?

What have you done my stupid dear? For now your name lays and lies upon each lip? Every pimp and fool would fain now seek to grasp your hip.

Faithful friends have you scorned and yes, for you we have mourned, but beyond our grace and love you’ve passed this day. Are there words yet to save you?

They are beyond my poets tongue. Perhaps by Lady Brigid they may be sung.

Are there deeds to waken a faithful love within you? No man could ever know the true blood of any sons begotten by you.

Your salvation is beyond the works of my hands and words to be done.

Are you forever lost within the dark of addled lust?

You are beyond my help and beyond our trust.

Wake foolish dear! Wake you swiftly now and see!

There is more to be had than forbidden rutting beneath a starlit tree!

Know in time beauty fades, and naught but true friendship and love remains.

Find the path foolish darling.

Know thyself lest you be ever every man’s toy, a kept cat, a stray bitch, a pet starling.

A game in shadows.

I hear it. I know.

Your buried secret you thought hidden but twas too well sown. The reeds speak it now my dear.

I knew you long before. Now again I know you. A blessing. A curse. A saint. A whore. All and none, made and sworn.

I know what you did for those in need.

I know what wrought on those who did wrong.

I know the pretty words you spoke that broke the hearts of men.

I know what you did in the shadows with whom and when.

Well you work your craft my dear but you forget from whom you learned. I taught you much but it seems that little enough have you learned.

Your eyes give the lie.

Your lip still trembles.

Your hand clenched in worry a stone resembles.

I know my dear, what is in your heart, for much of it I wrote. Pitty for any fool who by your pretty eyes be smote. Once almost you outplayed even me, yet still there’s much you fail to see.

Before you, in the shadows ever there was the devil and there was me and of my whispers they’ll never be empty.

I see that you see that I see and yet you do not learn.

Watch behind the shadow behind the clock upon the wall. Wait for the eternal walls of Jericho to fall, die to know all you would discern and still in my shadow you’ll stand. 

Let go stubborn pride and I’ll offer my hand. 

Yet no. That I taught you too, you’re never done till all the other players are dead and done and through.

Play on my girl and let us see whether master or apprentice you be.