An important message and a broken record.

I probably harp on about this too much but after reading the news today felt this was important enough to post both here and on my opinion blog. Please read and react to this. Keeping quiet will lead to disaster.

This is about double standards. I have recently noticed in the news that there are serious double standards when it comes to what is considered racism and hate speech.

One Capetown resident is facing prosecution over calling out a mosque over the noise it generates on a daily basis. Understandable when a Christian is forcibly exposed to the rituals of another faith, though very poorly executed and rudely stated.

Another has already been fined huge amounts for saying that beechgoers acted like monkeys over the December holidays. Whether racially motivated or not, it was an accurate description given the state of the beaches as pictured on their Facebook page (since removed). It should also be noted that not all beachgoers were black.

However, at the same time an “artist” is being allowed to display plainly racist “art” which consists of wrapping things and obese people in black and white tape with the slogan FUCK WHITE PEOPLE written repeatedly all over it. 

Despite numerous protests from members of both white and black communities the display has been continued and lauded as some “wonderful form of raising awareness”. I say to you plainly, this is bullshit.

If I am not allowed to insult you based on your race religion or creed then you may not do the same to me. Nor is it in any way acceptable to insult a race in general.  Had that message been reversed to say “FUCK BLACK PEOPLE” I can personally guarantee that the so-called artist would never stand trail, because they’d be lynched long before the got to a court.

I ask all true artists, please, do not use cheap methods such as politically sensitive subjects just to gain a few moments of fame. You have no idea of the harm it causes to an already fragile country nor of the animosity it stirs up between races that are struggling to reconcile themselves with eachother. 

Controversy is not art.



Procrastination is most definitely my vocation. No matter where I am I’m always on vacation.

I can while away my hours thinking up schemes and building sky castles with lots of turrets and towers or lay down in the swaying grass to imagine the smell of flowers.

But give me a job and a pen, oh watch me scuttle about then! I should have hidden in my blanket-built den.

I adore the quiet hours of idle contemplation, where in my brain I solve all the problems of ever single nation.

Everyone thinks at work I’m quick and sure, the truth is I work fast to return and succumb to daydream’s lure.

My secret is out, now everyone knows, I wish to be outside dreaming of watching the flying crows and to let my spirit wonder where the river flows.


You who would have me gone. You who would see me struck from this place. Go ahead my friend, chatter on. I laugh in your face.

Longer than than you and  yours have mine been here. I never took this place, I built it in the empty and unwanted spaces so spare me your rhetoric about injustice and races.

I have no wealth to hide from you. I have no hate for any who are different it’s true. Bait me all you can, I am not fooled. I was raised to do and die as is proper for a man.

Take some more, and legislate me into the ground. I shall endure, to this land my soul is bound. In time the truth of your madness will be found.

Come to break my doors again, take all I own, it’s been done before. See? The place is empty, naught here be wrought of gold and silver ore.

Tell the world my people are scum, the cost for that lie will be added to your tally sum.

All who live and here draw breath in the end shall embrace as equals in death. What have I to fear of you my friend? Turn your eyes within and from your “faithful” friends defend all that you have lied so hard to take and steal and apprehend.

Let go now, the past is done. Let the new day be begun. Will ye or no, I shall hither abide for as long as there is a burning African sun.


I see it everywhere and I get a cramp. Some new kid or guy going on a rant about what they’re owed and my palms go damp.

Wake the hell up kid nobody owes you shit. Our purpose in life is work and work and work and often to just get kicked.

Nobody down from Jesus to the Godess to your dad or your king needs to give a single solitary thing.

Shut your mouth, cut the bitching and get your ass in the sling. By the work of your hands honour and joy unto your name bring.

You’ll fail nine times in ten. Trust me I did it then I’ve done it now and I will again. 

But oh to earn by right what’s yours for true! There’s no sweeter joy, no greater gift, this I swear to you. 

Go and try it, just try and see. When you see I’m right think of this old man and remember me.

When you do, remember the truth of life:

Nothing but love is ever free.

What have you done?

Darling what have you done?

I stand agape. My glib tongue is stunned.

How could you be so cruel? Is it malice or are you merely a fool? I know not but despite myself I do care, can you not see the road to perdition right at your feet there?

I loved you once, I fought your fearsome demons with all my passion and might and though twas not enough I bore you no spite. Friends we remained and I forgave your transgressions but surely you must have learned one or two lessons?

I gave you up unto a good man.

Well did he love you with all that he might give from his chest and heart like a great barrel drum. In doing so my friend and brother he did become.

But faithless and loveless are you my witless dear.

With guile and spite and badly hidden secrets did you conspire to hang the cuckold horns upon another, this time not myself but my erstwhile brother.

Your pale skin and bluest eyes did you flaunt and give away but now my dear, where are you today?

Trapped and bruised and filthy squalor by your own many misdeeds, your mind dulled by drink and sex and weeds.

Were you every day we spoke happily so? A whore for all to hire? What wrought within you this damning disdain and ire? Surely a true and faithful love, there can be no aspiration higher?

What have you done my stupid dear? For now your name lays and lies upon each lip? Every pimp and fool would fain now seek to grasp your hip.

Faithful friends have you scorned and yes, for you we have mourned, but beyond our grace and love you’ve passed this day. Are there words yet to save you?

They are beyond my poets tongue. Perhaps by Lady Brigid they may be sung.

Are there deeds to waken a faithful love within you? No man could ever know the true blood of any sons begotten by you.

Your salvation is beyond the works of my hands and words to be done.

Are you forever lost within the dark of addled lust?

You are beyond my help and beyond our trust.

Wake foolish dear! Wake you swiftly now and see!

There is more to be had than forbidden rutting beneath a starlit tree!

Know in time beauty fades, and naught but true friendship and love remains.

Find the path foolish darling.

Know thyself lest you be ever every man’s toy, a kept cat, a stray bitch, a pet starling.

World better blind.

Is this world not better blind? A darkened place where there be no colour left to find, where we are unable to judge by face or skin, would this not end all the damned wars and hates that race and creed did begin?

Forget what my fathers did for yours have done as much. Say not that you deserve nor use history as your crutch.  Stand upon your own two feet and meet the day with pride, the time is done when behind bygones you might hide.

Raise your own voice and see with your own eyes. Sever now all the past and its pointless ties. I have wrought no harm upon you so cease your empty lies.
When the world be dumb and blind, that be the day when hatred dies.